Friday, August 17, 2012

It's All Coming Together...Finally

Well, it's been a LONG week, and we only worked for 2 days (officially). But, the room is looking GREAT! I've implemented so many of the Pinterest ideas I've seen and have a few more to work on this weekend to be ready for Meet the Teacher on Monday. But, the Awesome Owls are almost ready to take the perch and get ready for an amazing year. I can't wait. I will be posting pics of the room once everything is put together Monday.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Bit of Useful Knowledge and FREE owl labels

So today I crossed another Pinterest curiosity project off the list. I discovered PowerPoint for creating backgrounds and labels and man is it nice to finally know how all this cute stuff is made. I discovered some very useful websites that offer free downloads for personal use. is a wonderful site for free fonts. They even have some cool frame fonts. Some other good font sites are and

I also found a site for cute backgrounds for websites and blogs, but you could save the JPEGs/GIFs and use them in your PowerPoint displays as well. The site is and it is amazing. I found lots of cute free images.

Anyhoo, I used one of the cute backgrounds I found on the Background Labs site and some free frames I found on the blog Haphazard Happenstances, and came up with these adorable polka dot owl labels. I plan on using them in my classroom to label my art stuff. I'll just print and cut them and adhere them with clear contact paper. Easy enough! Enjoy the freebie!!

Here is what the labels look like.
 Owl Polka Dot Supply Labels

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monogram Font Tutorial

Today I made a great discovery. I've seen the cute monogrammed forms for the classroom with that great scrolly monogram font and decided I wanted to figure out how to do it myself. Well, I googled and searched and found the font and now I'm working on the cutesy things for my teacher stuff!

This is my trial run to see how it would look. I made a circle using the shape feature and added the text boxes. I used 3 boxes. The large letter in the middle is 170 pt. font, the 2 smaller letters are 125 pt. font.

Since I'm so excited about this I am going to share my discovery with you!  The font I've seen used is called Monogram KK and it is FREE!! You can download it here.

How to Download and Install a New Font:
1. Click on "download" to the right of the font you want.You will get the option to "run" or "save". Choose "save" and save it to someplace you'll easily access, like your desktop.
2. Now, go to where you saved the file. (Note: it will be a compressed zip file that has a zipper on the left side of the folder but will be named with the font
3. RIGHT CLICK on the folder and choose the option that says "Extract All". You'll see it extracting the files. It will save the font files in a separate folder labeled MonogramKK.
4. Double click the new folder to open it and there will be 2 files: a "read me" file and the font file. Minimize this screen and go to step 5.
5. VERY IMPORTANT to follow this exactly. Follow this sequence to open your font folder. (This is where you'll place the new font).
Your hard drive is generally the first icon in the computer folder and is labeled with a "C". Minimize this screen and pull up your font folder again. Right click the font file (the one with the little A in the bottom corner) and choose copy.
6. Pull up the font folder again and right click somewhere in the folder and choose paste. Your file is now ready to use! It will be listed as MonogramKK in your font dropbox.

Have fun monogramming all your teacher items!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to Reality

So, I just returned from a wonderful vacation in Edisto and I'm getting back into the swing of things for school. I've been seeing all of these really cute labels and things on Pinterest and thought I'd try my hand at creating some myself. Here is a freebie that I'm posting. It's a blank owl and polka dot template that can be used for whatever you'd like. I might use it for my schedule or mission statement or something. Anyway, enjoy. If you like it feel free to share it with others!

Awesome Owls Blank

I'll be sharing more things as I create them!