Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whew, Finally Back to Blogging

It's been hectic in the perch these past few weeks. My children have been sick, I've had some sickness myself, and it's been CRAZY getting back in the swing of things with an infant and a toddler. But, we're back in business and ready to blog about the great and wonderful things happening in KinderKeri's Awesome Owl K5 class. First, here are some pictures of the perch.

My behavior clip system. The red one at the bottom is an Angry Bird, I just took the picture before I put the clip art up!

My calendar board and block center. Everything is green and white polka dot.

View of my reading center. The reading bench is an old coffee table that I gave the Pinterest touch to! The boxes on top are for their Read to Self folders.

Sign for outside my door that tells where we are when we leave.

Word Wall above cubbies.

Proud Perch is where I hang an activity that we've worked on. I change it regularly.

View of the front of the room. You can see this was taken before we finished our first letter cycle.

Owl basket from Target. This is on the table as they enter the door. Folders are dropped here in the morning.

Math center and EQ wall. I got these white boards on the dollar aisle at Target. I use them to post my EQs for the week. Works great!

Owl hat my friend Katie made for me. We use it for our Owl of the Day writing activity. It's adorable!

How do we go home chart.

This is just a preview of my room. Things have changed a bit since I took these pics and I'll update with new ones soon! Next post: A Few of my Favorite Things!


  1. What did you use to make the Word Wall and Perch signs? BTW, your classroom is awesome!

  2. Thank you! I've worked hard to make it a happy little place. I found polka dot plates and cut out letters at the Dollar Tree and just glued the letters to the plates. I found the idea on Pinterest. I need to update my pics.