Thursday, January 31, 2013

100th Day Fun

I'm so excited about tomorrow. It's the 100th day of school! It's the day we kindergarten teachers talk about all year long. We are going to do so many fun things. In the morning we're going to do a graphing activity using 100 items. For journals we are going to use the numbers 100 and create a picture and story. Then in the afternoon we will be doing our rotations for our centers. I have so many centers planned and ready to go! I've got a fun behavior system to use tomorrow. Instead of hiding the Hershey kisses around the room, I'm going to let them earn the kisses for positive behaviors. When someone makes good choices they'll come and choose a numbered kiss from the bag and place it on the 100's chart. Once they get it filled in we will celebrate with a special treat! I'm also going to place 10 activities behind random numbers on the 100's chart and have students choose numbers throughout the day. If they choose a number with an activity behind it then we will do it! (10 jumping jacks, 10 push ups, etc...)

This afternoon I made the sign for our door and hung the streamers so the kids will have something fun to walk through when they arrive.
We've also been working on our 100th day hats to wear in our parade tomorrow. We glued 10 strips onto sentence strips and the kids used Bingo dotters to put 10 dots on each strip.
This evening I made shirts for me and my daughter to wear to school tomorrow!

I LOVE the 100th day of school!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dry Erase Circles

Since there has been so much interest in the dry erase circles on my tables, I thought I'd post a couple of pics of my kids  using them. Today the students were working on domino addition for morning work and were writing the number sentences that go with the dominoes on their circles. Here are a few pics! You can get a good idea of how worn they've gotten with daily use this year. I think they are still looking pretty good! PS- how do you like the smiley faces?? Cute, huh!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Domino Addition Flipchart Freebie

So this week my kindies are learning to write number sentences using dominoes. To teach this as a while group lesson before they venture out on their own, I made a flipchart for practice. It's really cute and the kids had a good time. Students will pull a domino from the bag and write the number sentence that goes with it. They will deposit their domino in the Domino Dump when finished. I showed them that they can use multiple strategies to solve the problem: counting the dots, putting the larger number in their head and counting up, or drawing a picture. Anyhoo, it's here if you'd like to use it. Enjoy! (Created with ActiveInspire software for Promethean Board) I'm also adding it to my TPT store for you!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Blog Giveaway

I got an e-mail from Fashion Craze Learning Days' blog about a great giveaway. She has partnered with several other bloggers and they are giving away a ton of freebies in the raffle! Here is the link to her great blog!

Valentines Day Giveaway

100th Day of School

Can you believe it? It's almost the 100th day of school! So hard to believe. We're gearing up here at the Perch to celebrate next Friday. (don't you love it when special events land on Friday?) So, in celebration of the greatest day in Kindergarten, I'm posting a FREEBIE! It's a set of signs to use for your 100th day rotations. It has 14 slides (13 activities and 1 blank). You can download it for FREE at my TPT store by clicking HERE. The frame was a freebie from The 3AM Teacher's store on TPT.

I found the activity ideas in so many different places that it would be hard to list them all, and some were just photos uploaded with no link, but I'll list the ones I can! Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy them! Happy 100th Day, y'all!

This idea came from Mrs. Williamson's Kinders over at Welcome to Room 36.

These ideas were from Mrs. Unger over at Teaching Blog Addict

Most of the others had no link or were just general ideas that we all had. Anyway, enjoy and feel free to share with your colleagues! Happy 100 Days!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Word Family Flip

So the other night I was playing a game with my family when I came up with a similar idea for a game to use to help teach word families and rhyming words. The game is Word Family Flip. It's played kind of like UNO, but with letter cards. This version uses the short vowel word families since I plan on using it with my kindies. The set includes 28 short vowel word family cards with and anchor word picture, consonant letter cards, blends letter cards and diagraph letter cards. I included the blends and diagraphs on one card because I didn't want to confuse students with multiple boxes while they're learning to segment. You are free to choose to use them or just have your students use individual letter cards to stretch out the sounds. Anyway, it's on my TPT site and you can access it here by clicking on the picture below!

                                         Word Family Flip

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year, New...well, everything!

So it's the new year, which means we're halfway through the school year. I can't believe we're in report card mode here in the perch. Wow! I just kind of felt like posting a freebie today, so I've decided to post this. If you're like me you get bored easily and want to change things up. I kind of felt that way with teaching popcorn words. I just knew there had to be more than writing the word 5 times and then...So I created my own version of a Spelling Words Menu. You can get it for free here. I hope this helps you out and is useful to you. My kids have loved using it. Maybe this will be something fresh to help you soar into the 3rd nine weeks!!