Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year, New...well, everything!

So it's the new year, which means we're halfway through the school year. I can't believe we're in report card mode here in the perch. Wow! I just kind of felt like posting a freebie today, so I've decided to post this. If you're like me you get bored easily and want to change things up. I kind of felt that way with teaching popcorn words. I just knew there had to be more than writing the word 5 times and then...So I created my own version of a Spelling Words Menu. You can get it for free here. I hope this helps you out and is useful to you. My kids have loved using it. Maybe this will be something fresh to help you soar into the 3rd nine weeks!!


  1. I can't figure out how to download this

    1. If you click on the word Here it will take you to google docs. You can download it there. If you still can't get it give me your email and I can send it to you! It might be on my TPT site, I can't remember. If not then I'll add it. Let me know.