Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Target to the Core (Common Core, that is)

I was at Target this week and made my usual first stop on the dollar aisle. Guess what I found? Work mats for addition and subtraction! Not just any old work mats, but ones that go along with addition and subtraction for CC! Take a look...

This is the front. There are spinners where students can spin and write their own problems. Isn't that great? But wait. Here's the best part...

Not only are the problems vertical AND horizontal, but do you notice the equal signs??? That's right. The sums and differences are on both the right AND the left! How's that for teaching the concept of the equal sign! Goes right along with CCSS for math! I bought  6 of each and plan to use them in math workshops next week for independent work. Now go to Target and get yours before they're all gone!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Awesome Addition

It's the third quarter in kindergarten, so you know what that means...yep. It's time to teach addition. We have spent the last 3 weeks teaching the concept in various ways and will be reviewing again next week with lots of common core elements added in. So, I decided to compile many of the workmats, resources and sheets we've been using into one big, all inclusive unit to use. Here it is...Awesome Addition.

This is a ready to go math unit to help teach the concepts of addition with kindergarteners using dominoes, ten frames, playing cards and part/whole mats. This set includes:
*3 Ten frame addition sheets of varying abilities (colored in and blank)
*Domino addition sheet with blank tiles for students to create a model to represent addition
*2 part/whole mats (1 blank and one using a unique yellow+blue=green concept)
*Playing cards addition work mat
*Tens frames (blank and filled in)
*Cards for addition facts up to sums of 10 (can be used as flash cards or game cards)
*Complete set of printable dominoes for all number combinations up to 12
*Simple word problem sheet with space for students to create a model to represent the number sentence

You can grab it at my TPT store here. Awesome Addition For Kindergarten Math Centers.