Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Target to the Core (Common Core, that is)

I was at Target this week and made my usual first stop on the dollar aisle. Guess what I found? Work mats for addition and subtraction! Not just any old work mats, but ones that go along with addition and subtraction for CC! Take a look...

This is the front. There are spinners where students can spin and write their own problems. Isn't that great? But wait. Here's the best part...

Not only are the problems vertical AND horizontal, but do you notice the equal signs??? That's right. The sums and differences are on both the right AND the left! How's that for teaching the concept of the equal sign! Goes right along with CCSS for math! I bought  6 of each and plan to use them in math workshops next week for independent work. Now go to Target and get yours before they're all gone!!!

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