Monday, March 18, 2013

Take Me Away.....

Oh subtraction, how fun are you? Are you teaching subtraction right now? Are you pulling your hair out yet? I actually love teaching subtraction because it gives way for some really fun hands-on activities. (Who doesn't love bowling??) We do a lot of bowling in my room during subtraction time. In years past I have used 2 liter bottles and a playground ball and bowled whole group style. Last year I discovered a bowling set in our after school storage closet! Anyhoo, if you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you to try teaching bowling with subtraction. It's an amazing way to teach them to take away from a set. I always wait until week 2 after I've taught the concept with taking away just 1. By week 2 they've got it and are ready to begin working on more complex problems. I'm uploading a SUBTRACTION BOWLING FREEBIE to use for your lessons. It's a recording sheet they can use to record their "frames" when they bowl. Column 1 has the bowling pin set to use for marking off. Column 2 has the first frame "10-___=___". Column 3 has a blank sentence to record the new set of pins from the first roll "____-____=____". I thought this was was good to reinforce the idea that we start with a certain amount and then take away from that amount. Anyway, you can grab it for FREE at my TPT store.

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