Friday, July 26, 2013

Chevron and Polka Dots and Owls, OH MY!!

With summer slowly winding down and the school year only 3 weeks away, that means only one thing...time for some of those Pinterest projects I've been putting off. Obviously being in a sling for 3 weeks from surgery has had an impact on my crafting, but I did get 2 things knocked off my To Do list this week: a magnetic board for outside my door and a Word of the Week plaque for inside my door. Cute huh!

 The magnetic board is a repurposed cookie sheet I covered with fabric and mod-podged. I'm going to add the words "We've Flown To..." and then have various cards for the different places we might go. The Word of the Week plaque (which is hanging in front of my 4-year old's drawing of me) will be what my students see as they leave the room each day. Feel free to copy, pin and share!!

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