Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Items!

I've got some great new things I've created for the beginning of the year. This week we are introducing our first sight word for the year, "my", so I created an early emergent predictable book to use with my kindies. It's super simple and easy to decode so it's the perfect way to begin the guided reading block for the year. It's called "Me" and is a 2-word per page book of the things associated with the little girl. The file has 2 options: a 2-per page set for individual student books and a large, single page for a class book. You can grab it at my TPT store by clicking on the photo below.
I also created a simple Editor's Checklist for kindergarten that covers the five main areas of kindergarten writing development: capitals, spacing, punctuation, spelling sight words correctly, and sound spelling unknown words. It's visually appealing and has different clip art on each page to help even your non-readers learn the steps. It's a great tool to have in the classroom to use to reference during whole group writing and for self monitoring during independent writing.

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