Monday, September 16, 2013

Emergent Reader Bundle

I've been working really hard trying to get a handle on the new CCSS and balanced literacy and, I'm happy to say, that it's finally coming together! I've been working on creating emergent readers to use during our interactive read aloud times and during balanced literacy workshops. I think I've finally found a way to merge the two seamlessly while giving students the practice they need to read and write the sight words and work on foundational reading skills. I've created pocket chart stories that have our word of the week. We read it aloud every day doing different activities with it. I then give each student a one page sheet to complete during word work time where they are reading the story and tracing the sight words on the sheet to get the practice of letter formation. It has been really successful so far and I'm excited to create more! I've got one bundle pack that I'm using next week and I just uploaded it to my TPT store. There are 2 versions of the story "In The Fall": a large version to use for a class book and a 2-per page version to print for individual student books. I've also included the clip art to use to create your own pocket charts or flipcharts as well as the word work sheet. You can grab it at my TPT store!

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